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Store Open for Business

So it’s been a while in the making but I have finally taken the plunge and opened an Online Store for my digital quilting designs.

It’s been so hectic! I didn’t have any idea on how to set this up but WooCommerce did make it somewhat fun. The framework it provided was at least a good starting point.  I didn’t have any idea what a Widget or a Plugin was but I soon found out that there are lots of them out there in web developer land.

I was lucky to also have had the guidance of some special people. Tracey Browning of and Leonie West of Without them I would still be struggling.  I haven’t yet finished there are lots more tweaks to play with.

So over time I will be adding more of my custom digital designs for your pleasure. And of course you can purchase from Intelligent Quilting

And I must not forget the constant urging of my friends. Dallas McLellan, Jenny Gerdei and Kaye Durham particularly for requesting custom designs for their customer quilts. Along with many many others who know who they are.

So my peeps! Here we go!