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It’s the little things!

Brookston Designs

Today I found out how to set up a password reset page! YES! I didn’t know I needed one on the site because I assumed it was already there! But you see I also forgot that I don’t notice these things until it breaks.  LOL. Typical, Sheesh! I thought  GOOGLE remembered all the passwords. DUH! Apparently not.

But that’s not the only glitch I encountered when building this website with WordPress and Woocommerce and I bet it won’t be the last.

It became apparent to me that my search products engine was not working either.  Why? There it is in all it’s glory at the top of the page. Why won’t it work?  Hmmm, oh well back to the WordPress HELP pages.  There it was in black and white. Well whatever that colour it is they use.  Woocommerce provides a shell for you to fill with little things  called Plugins.  Who knew? Well of course me, NOW!

I must admit I’ve had a steep climb on the learning curve, but we are getting there.  Now to find out how to optimize a SEO.  (Search Engine Optimization). 

But in the meantime check out the patterns by typing in Brookston Designs or Tonia Brooks.  Or, of course mosey along to 

Cheers Tonia