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Fantastic February!


At the end of the week I will present a Intelliquilter Toolbox from Machine Quilting Academy Summit. This webinar will include all the content that you have come to expect from a Intelliquilter Toolbox along with some little surprises too.


The Step by Step notes will be available for purchase from the 22nd February 2020, on my website 

It’s taken quite some time to find a platform that would fulfill all the requirements that would make presenting Intelliquilter Toolboxes more conversational.  That means, you get to ask questions of me in real time, and be able to a have live time demonstration of your question if required.

Everything we talk about will be available in a fully rendered video at the end of the webinar.  Thank you Tracey Browning.

In Other News

I am finally getting more gorgeous digital design content onto the website at

Felicity is a sweet set of designs which can be brought individually.  Based on a Swan motif, they make into a wonderful whole cloth quilt when combined with each other. Or a schmick way to jazz up empty blocks between applique. Well actually I guess the uses are endless. =-)

webview quilt map 1 and 5
Felicity Blocks 4 and 5


Travels with my Toolbox

I lately have returned from a VERY long service trip to Western Australia.  It was very exciting to travel down to Albany in the Far South West of WA, then to Perth and on to Geraldton in North West.  I got to meet a few really lovely Intelliquilter owners and I also got to meet their machines.  It’s so great to see Intelliquilter being mounted on so many different machines.  It really is the most effective computer guided system on the market.

Oh and I caught some fish.  The Jan Gould kind!!!!


Sew my fellow IQers, let’s see what happens next!



Thoughts: It is said: That life is mostly froth and bubble, but two things stand like stone, Kindness in others troubles and Courage in your own.